Gartner For Marketers Acquisition Website


Client: Gartner

Role: Lead UX UI Designer

Software: Sketch

Redefine branding and style guide. Mobile responsive website redesign according to brand guidelines for marketing acquisition website.

UX Work:
Problem Statement: Prospective clients cannot see the difference between different content types and all the content looks the same.

Solution: We moved content that is time sensitive into a news feed to the right of the page. We also created different card types that visually looked different for the user to be able to identify an article versus a webinar with a quick scan.

Left: Previous Gartner for Marketers site; Right: Updated Gartner for Marketrs site


Mobile and Desktop wireframes outlined (1) content restructure and organization and (2) different usability functions across different viewports. These wireframes evolved into iterative design states.